Travel Nursing: The Job of Your Dreams

The healthcare field has a number of great career opportunities, but few offer the freedom of travel nursing. Traveling is an excellent way for a nurse to explore the country while building a resume and working on his or her own terms. A typical assignment for a traveling nurse is 13 weeks, but both shorter and longer term assignments are available, even up to a year. If you have a sense of adventure and don’t mind moving now and then, try one of the available assignments in your area or around the country.

To get started in this position you must first have the proper qualifications relating to your degree and work history. Then you will need to sign up with one or more agencies. These recruitment companies connect applicants to job openings across the country. Employers pay the agencies to hire their applicants, whom they know satisfy certain requirements. More than 25,000 registered nurses have chosen to travel as part of their careers. The shortage of nurses has left many areas in desperate need, so traveling nurses know they are helping those who need them most.

Of course, travel nursing is also a way for nurses to help themselves in both their careers and personal lives. America is home to a stunning array of natural and human wonders; now you can spend a few months working in a place where others vacation. Traveling nurses have the freedom to work in Alaska during its scenic summer and then winter in a locale like Hawaii. Few careers offer these benefits.

Given the demand for the position, nurses typically enjoy excellent pay and benefits as well. The hourly rates are good and training hours are often paid at the full rate. Of course, the added expenses related to traveling are considered when compensation is decided. In addition, many travel nursing agencies pay their participants in convenient ways. Instead of giving you a lump sum to spend on living expenses, home furnishings, certification courses, and traveling, such things may be provided for you. Some companies seek to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses altogether. A stipend may also be available if you prefer to find your own accommodations.