The pipe inner coating technology

Pipe internal  coating construction technology at present, the gas pipeline inner coating of drag reduction technology in Europe and the United States developed countries has been widely used in pipeline industry, fored example, Canada and Germany has built large diameter pipeline, spray on the inner wall of the pipeline, epoxy coating, in order to reduce the friction of gas transportation. To make the internal coating of drag reduction technology in pipeline reflect its good characteristics in the actual operation, we must attach importance to pipeline inner coating, because the pipeline inner coating is a key technology of the internal coating construction, internal coating quality will directly influence on the performance of the internal coating technology and service life. Could be attained only the use of advanced and reliable technology, high quality of coating steel pipe, and effectively extend the service life of pipeline, greatly improve the efficiency of the pipe production run after.


Pipe internal coating technology research starts late in our country, especially in long distance, large diameter gas pipeline engineering has not yet been application examples, to strengthen the research. As astringent NingLan, zhong wu, west to east gas pipeline length for the construction of gas pipeline, internal coating drag reduction technology will get promoted, therefore, must carefully study and master the coating technology of internal coating, strictly control the quality of the coating process, promote the application of internal coating technology in our country.